Priceless is the warmth of mother’s womb.

Priceless is mother’s touch on her lap.

Priceless is her shoulder for a nap.

Priceless are her lullabies and her pat

Priceless is the cleansing bath she gives

Priceless are the food she feeds.

Priceless are the lessons she teach

Priceless is the time she sends school

Priceless is to see her waiting after school.

Priceless is her smile when good are my exams

Priceless is when she holds me in her arms.

Priceless is her yell and her nag

Priceless is her affection and her care.

Priceless is her decency and her humility

Priceless is her meekness and her integrity.

Priceless is the feeling when she cuddles

Priceless is when she stands by to face my hurdles.

Priceless is mother’s honour and her benevolence

Priceless is MOTHER and her BLESSINGS.

My post for the Daily Word Prompt “Priceless” a href=””>Priceless</a&gt;

Thank You 😊


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